The Ideal Tekken seven Figures For Rookies

Tekken seven

Tekken was not, and hardly ever will be, quick to grasp. Its most up-to-date iteration, out now, is no distinctive. In Tekken seven, it can sense like there’s no middle ground in between button-mashing and 5-move combos.

My current key Alisa, I have discovered, has 131 entries in her move record. That is scary. But soon after expending some time with Tekken seven, I have located some quick-to-decide on-up characters whose movesets are not inscrutable.

It is worth noting that “easy” does not suggest “easy to grasp.” These characters’ movesets are just extra intuitive and right away worthwhile than others’, who may choose a few days of challenging instruction to decide on up. Most essential to Tekken seven, while, is finding anyone who feels correct. Some rookie-pleasant picks may not be your jam, and you may have a pure knack at, say, Yoshimitsu.

Our beginner’s picks down below:



Alisa is all about quick moves that are challenging to defend in opposition to, referred to as “pokes.” Her furious jabs, on best of her dash motion qualities that can set up length, make her a flexible option for in-and-out enjoy. She’s also received excellent reduced kicks that enemies may have problem anticipating.


Asuka’s very long-range kicks support length her from enemies whilst working significant destruction. Enemies without the need of that range will have problem approaching her. If an enemy receives under her kick and into her hit box, she’s received some moves that can rapidly support her get the benefit, like her sharp mid punches.


Bob’s motto is “speed and excess weight.” He’s a massive person, but he’s swift. New gamers will obtain him well-rounded and quick to decide on up since he does a ton of destruction and has some intuitive combo-starters. Also, he’s received some excellent moves that journey opponents onto the ground, and some superior punishes to boot.


I have had blended achievement with Katarina. Some video games, she’s slaying my opponent. In others, she can barely land a hit. She does a ton of destruction, but has some fairly obtrusive vulnerabilities—namely, her reduce assaults, which have a tendency to go away some openings. Others have tapped into her power by concentrating on what she’s superior at: superior kicks and juggling.



Kazumi is new. She’s received killer—and annoying—pokes and some super effective kicks that propel enemies far absent. Her combo starters are intuitive. She has a tiger that assaults for her sometimes. Also, she does not have that numerous moves. For more recent gamers, her absence of background and relatively conservative moveset make her a reduced-barrier-to-entry decide on.


King isn’t technically “easy” to decide on up. I place him on this record since he’s just truly superior. He’s also a excellent intro to characters who rely on throws, since his are super-impressive (and can chain alongside one another). His kicks do a ton of destruction and direct into each other rather well, too, if you are striving to juggle your opponent int the air. If you obtain a superior momentum with him, he’s fairly damn invulnerable—especially if you are enjoying in opposition to a different rookie character who could not block throws correctly.


I’m learning how to combo correctly with Lars since his basic moves string alongside one another rather nicely. I can experiment with kicking opponents into the air a few times, hitting them with a mid attack and then, when they are on the ground, a reduced. Also, if you are stringing alongside one another assaults and pushing enemies in opposition to partitions, Lars has a lot of sticky, impressive moves that can annihilate pinned enemies.



To me, no one has felt less complicated to decide on up than Leo. If you are enjoying in opposition to a different newcomer to the franchise, Leo can correctly manipulate the place that opponent goes on the stage. She’s received a ton of moves that knock enemies to the flooring, which gives you time to again up and rethink your approach, too. I have go through that her punishment moves are killer, but on a rookie amount, those people may be a very little out-of-reach. That claimed, if you want to master how to use punishes, she’s your girl.


Dragunov is a phenomenal entry position for defense-major enjoy, but has a lot of other strengths. His kicks correctly length enemies. He’s received an aggressive solution, but can very easily block and retreat from hurt soon after attacking. Also, his pokes are killer. Draganov is a character who will support you carve out your possess playstyle, since he’s received so numerous matters heading for him. Whether you want to drive enemies in opposition to partitions and poke them, enjoy incredibly defensively or improve your reflexes with punishes for enemies who fall their block too rapidly, he’s received some thing for primarily any predicament.

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