The Origins Of Battlegrounds&#039 “Winner Winner Chicken Evening meal” Line

When you earn in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, you see the message: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. That’s…weird. So where’d it occur from?

It’s a line you may well be acquainted with if you’ve been to Vegas, or certainly if you’ve performed any of PlayerUnknown’s prior mod get the job done. “‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ has been applied in my Fight Royale match-modes considering the fact that way back again in the ARMA 2 DayZ Fight Royale mod”, PU instructed Nathan in an interview just after E3. “We do intend to retain it as it has turn into section of the match mode in excess of the last four yrs.”

But where did it occur from? PU didn’t invent it it. It didn’t occur from that terrible movie you may well only now remember observing it in. It did not, as the fastest Google look for may well explain to you, hail from Las Vegas casinos either (although that respond to at minimum receives the rooster supper section correct).

No, for the most effective respond to on the web, we’re rather going to flip to our pals at Deadspin, who for solely unrelated causes appeared into the history of the phrase back again in 2009. Speaking with David Guzman, co-writer of a guide known as in rhyming slang.

So there you have it. Though the complete origins of the phrase may well be shed in the fog of unrecorded British slang, its extra fast which means certainly has its roots in 20th century gambling. So next time you earn in Battlegrounds and truly feel like you received blessed, very well, it’s possible that was the issue…

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