Top rated Pistol Mercy Will Wreck Your Shit, But Only If She Has To

Picture credit rating: Blizzard.

Mercy is Overwatch’s most uncomplicated healer. Although Ana and Lucio are obviously created to mix (and/or boop) it up, Mercy’s acquired almost nothing but a dinky pistol and a aspiration. Quite a few Overwatch gamers ridicule offense-minded “Battle Mercys” mainly because they get slaughtered and they waste precious therapeutic time. Probably, though, men and women are hunting at the harmless angel on Overwatch’s shoulder the erroneous way.

Animetic is an Overwatch player and YouTuber who mains Mercy. In a modern online video focused to headshots, she pointed out that, in accordance to unofficial position site, she’s the most effective Mercy in the earth when it arrives to headshots (she’s now amount two). It’s not tricky to see why. On her YouTube, she darts all over gamers and puts a kindly, caring bullet in between their eyes when they get far too shut. Although traditional wisdom says that heading in a guns blazing as Mercy will get the whole staff killed, Animetic argues that the cornerstone of a very well-rounded Mercy protection is an offense so fearsome that no one desires to fuck with you. In spite of this, Animetic insisted to me in excess of Discord that she does not attempt to be a Fight Mercy. Her most important concentrate is therapeutic, but an significant section of therapeutic is not dying horribly.

“ nearly usually in self-protection,” she explained. “Even when I’m with my staff, if a Genji is on me, trying to fly to a teammate is not heading to make the damage on me halt any quicker, but hitting him with the pistol will. Certainly, if I can get out of line of sight, then that’s the chosen option, but at times you just have to hearth again.”

The keys to her good results when she does decide on to open hearth are positioning and staying ahead of her opponents. Although Mercy’s pistol is not a powerhouse, it is additional functional than men and women give it credit rating for. Animetic attempts to engage every of Overwatch’s heroes at the length they are least comfy. But there’s additional to her good results than bopping Hanzo up shut or having Pharah by shock just before she can soar absent. For case in point, Animetic likes to spam crouch towards heroes like Widowmaker and McCree mainly because they hearth bit by bit and goal for the head. This tactic does not do the job towards speedy-firing devices like Soldier 76 and Tracer, who she discounts with in other techniques:

“I feel one particular component that quite a few men and women forget when observing is that all through every come upon with that Tracer, I’m both in or transferring to a hallway/corridor/other confined area,” Animetic explained, almost nothing that she eliminated a Tracer four situations in the identical match. “Tracer will shred you at midrange, so you want to fight her in confined spaces so you can get proper up in her face and blink is significantly less helpful, offering you a preventing probability. In absence of confined spaces, kiting all over a pillar can do the job far too, where by each time Tracer attempts to generate length by blinking driving you, you merely them driving the pillar and heal up with your passive health and fitness regen. That is an additional way of forcing them to fight you in shut assortment where by you can additional conveniently hit your headshots.”

Animetic has in excess of 700 hrs with Mercy, and considerably of that is as a solo queue player. She’s become so great at utilizing her pistol, she explained to me, for a explanation that’s all far too acquainted to quite a few Mercy gamers, especially these who solo queue: crappy teammates.

“I’ve discovered not to depend on teammates for nearly anything,” she stated. “If they are in assortment for my Guardian Angel , that’s fantastic, but if they are not, I’ll use the pistol to fend flankers off. I just take my teammates out of the equation when it arrives to my survival. If I die, it is my fault.”

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