TSA Polices Put Entire world of Warcraft In Dire Peril

According to an trade with the TSA’s official Q&A Twitter account (via /r/wow), even Entire world of Warcraft Horde Chieftans have to check their weapons on flights. But must that weapon also be a lithium ion electricity lender, then Azeroth is certainly doomed.

In the correct arms, Orgrim’s Doomhammer could by a person of the keys to Azeroth’s salvation, but replica weapons should be put in checked luggage in get to travel by the sky along with famous heroes. But a different TSA rule stipulates that lithium ion electricity banking institutions should be wielded in have-on luggage only.

But hold out . . . there may possibly continue to be hope. How substantially is up coming-day air to the Damaged Isles?

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