Vanquish Computer Glitch Can make Players Get Much more Problems At Bigger Framerates

I just obtained performed expending some time with Vanquish’s newly produced Computer version, and it is a good port. Seems to be sharp, moves nicely, and delivers an suitable array of graphics possibilities. There’s just one particular trouble: it has a definitely, definitely odd graphics bug.

Initial claimed by Wesker on NeoGAF, the bug effectively causes you to consider far more damage—almost instantly forcing you into “oh shit, oh shit” gradual-mo mode—if your framerate is higher than thirty FPS. Check out out these GIFs.

This one’s at thirty FPS:

This one’s at sixty FPS:

In the 1st, observed cigarette and whiskey connoisseur Sam Gideon can consider significantly far more hurt (and even stumble a little) just before coming into “you’re gonna die if you really don’t get the fuck out of here” mode. In the second, it can take only a pair light faucets to mail Sam to the flashing purple rave we all attend just before we die.

I tried out this out on my own Computer, and the outcomes have been very similar. I could consider markedly far more hurt actively playing at framerates closer to the game’s at first meant thirty FPS than I could at sixty. The great-ish news is, according to most studies, the hurt you consider stops rising right after sixty, so if you perform at a increased frame price than that, it is not like you’ll drop useless the second a robot tells you that, actually, your knee slides glance kinda dumb.

I arrived at out to Sega to discover out if they’re working on a fix, but as of creating they had but to get back to me. In the meantime, much as I loathe to say it, you may well be better off actively playing the recreation underneath sixty FPS. Usually, you’re gonna die a lot—even if you’re great. Vanquish is a recreation about circulation, and possessing it damaged just about every handful of seconds isn’t my strategy of a great time.

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