Wiz Khalifa Admirers, Who Are Likely Higher, Don&#039t Notice His Weed Sport Is Unexciting

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm has all the substances for what need to be, at minimum, a funny distraction. In exercise, it is truly boring, but for the folks who celebrate the vacation on which it was launched that could possibly not matter.

It is April twentieth and Wiz Khalifa—rapper, cannabis fanatic and Amber Rose’s child daddy—has launched a cell sport about increasing weed. Khalifa is an avid and vocal consumer of hashish, and this is probably not the to start with time he has combined weed and video clip video games. At minimum year’s E3, Khalifa informed an interviewer that he experienced a secret weapon and explained, “It’s the bomb, and that is the only matter I can permit you know. Zac Efron and Jamie Foxx then informed the same interviewer that they were likely to locate Khalifa to “make this day go sleek.” All three of them then performed Battlefield 1 with distant, dazed stares.

All the attraction and persona in the over anecdote is lacking from Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm. Even the title is nondescript. In this sport, you mature weed, quite possibly for Khalifa, or probably just for the pursuit of increasing weed. There is no providing or smoking cigarettes weed in the sport, just endless, monotonous increasing in an energy to improve your income. You faucet a plot of land in purchase to plant a strain of cannabis, you faucet the plant following a selected total of time has handed in purchase to accumulate coins, you use those people coins to plant extra strains, rinse, repeat. It is the same actual method you have seen in cell video games due to the fact their inception.

This is the full sport.

It is not even significantly Khalifa themed. While his puckish grin graces the monitor, there’s not a great deal persona right here. There are numerous, numerous prospects to watch adverts to double or triple your income, and just one of them is the alternative to “drop a defeat.” I imagined, oh, would I probably hear a snippet of Snoop Dogg and Khalifa’s strike tune, “Younger and Wild and No cost?” No. The defeat that is dropped seems like it was downloaded from a free of charge beats MySpace in 2001. Compared to Glu’s celeb sponsored video games like Britney Spears: American Dream or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is a disappointment.

And nevertheless, this doesn’t matter at all. The evaluations, so significantly, are overwhelmingly good, and it is quick to see why:

The sport has reached its focus on viewers. They will be great. Godspeed to you, Wiz Khalifa.

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