Zelda&#039s Labyrinths Are Some Bullshit

Above the weekend I downloaded Breath of the Wild’s very first batch of DLC. There had been new quests, new gear and a entire new mode. Terrific. But I didn’t treatment. I preferred a person thing and a person thing only.

Proof that Zelda’s labyrinths had been bullshit.

Fortunately I got that evidence.

Breath of the Wild has an insanely specific map. One particular of the ideal I’ve at any time found. Zoomed out, it is a beautiful thing to just glimpse at. Zoomed in, it is entire of unbelievable facts.

To the level wherever I essentially utilized the map to help me clear up the game’s labyrinths. Which are bullshit. We have established this.

I did this by zooming in on the map to the level wherever you could essentially see a top rated down variation of the labyrinth. Like so…

Extremely neat.

I understood this was doable so, as shortly as the new DLC was announced, I was intrigued in the new aspect that tracked each individual single action you at any time manufactured in the game. I desired this — mainly to help come across the previous ten shrines, but also… other causes.

My key intention: come across out just how considerably time I spent seeking to total the game’s Labyrinths.

The answer to that concern was depressing.

Note: Sure, I know that you can cheese these by climbing and/or traveling. No many thanks, I preferred to attempt and clear up these the previous-fashioned way.

Here’s my travel map of the very first Labyrinth I tried out. In advance of I’d labored out the inexpensive ‘zoom in to see the topography’ trick.

Oh no.

The subsequent a person wasn’t considerably better. In actuality, it appears even even worse.

Here’s my progress on the third a person.

Worth bearing in brain that I essentially was consulting the map right here. Displays you how poor I am at Labyrinths.

Or — counterpoint — how bullshit these goddamn labyrinths are.

This story at first appeared on Kotaku Australia

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