Zynga Tries Charging Random Selling prices For DLC, Fails

Letty’s Sting Ray from The Fate of the Furious showed up as a top quality microtransaction in CSR Racing 2 previously this 7 days. It price $four.ninety nine to unlock. Or $14.ninety nine. Or $34.ninety nine. According to Zynga, costs for the top quality motor vehicle were being set to random as part of a characteristic check. Definitely.

The problem came to our attention by means of a Reddit thread, in which a player posted the reaction supplied them by Zynga help on realizing that they were being being asked to pay back $14.ninety nine for a motor vehicle one particular of their crew mates experienced ordered for only 5 bucks.

Graphic by means of smhallguy on Reddit, and whichever poor help bastard experienced to type out that reaction.

Other players chimed in with the costs they were being viewing, ranging from $four.ninety nine on up to $35. Logging into the game on my iPad, I was made available the vehicle at the least expensive cost.

It experienced to be some form of fluke. Absolutely a mobile game corporation would not randomly assign costs to a piece of articles to check no matter what it is the characteristic is supposed to be testing. How a lot people are prepared to pay back? That’s what coming out at a higher cost and then slowly and gradually decreasing it above time is all about.

I arrived at out to Zynga, who informed me that the CSR Racing 2 workforce was testing a new event, and that testing experienced led to various players being “surfaced” various variations of the event containing various costs.

So was it a miscalculation born of testing, or a deliberate outcome of the testing? A post on the Zynga help page this early morning clarified the problem.

From time to time we check various features in the game, and on this event the cost of the vehicles was set randomly as part of a check. Although the check has been concluded and absolutely everyone must now have the exact working experience in CSR2, we want to accept that we read from many of you that this check established a poor working experience.

I can’t think about a check like this being carried out devoid of the expectation that many people would be indignant. Hell, I’m indignant and I did not even want the vehicle in the initial place.

We apologise for any frustration this check may possibly have triggered and want to guarantee you it was carried out at random and not based on player history. Tests features is an vital part of game enhancement but we’re sorry this check missed the mark and disrupted your game working experience.

Nicely at the very least they apologized.

The vehicle is now set at its supposed cost of $14.ninety nine, that means people like me who could have ordered it yesterday for $four.ninety nine but were being too confused about the entire pricing problem to pull the trigger on it missed out on conserving $10.

Players who ordered Letty’s Sting Ray at the highest cost of $35 will be getting a distinctive in-game compensation package inside the subsequent 24 several hours, which seems a great deal like not receiving the extra $20 back. I’d propose likely by way of Google Play or iTunes and requesting a refund, linking to the help page as evidence that this is some bullshit.

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