AudioShield creates A Stunning VR Rhythm Game!

VR Rhythm game similar in essence to Audiosurf, uses the Vive controllers to simulate two shields. The game uses your own music against you in the sense of firing blue and orange beats at you. Your only defense is the two shields that correspond to the colors that are fired at you.


The orange shield blocks orange beats, the blue shield blocks blue beats. The Vive controllers perfect movement tracking paired with the neon VR view, the feeling of physical force behind the impacts of beats, and the visual feedback sparks from the beats hitting the shields is what makes it shine.


The more force behind the block of the beat in real life, the more force produced in-game. Whether you’re used to this style of game like the aforementioned Audiosurf, Audioshield takes this premise in a whole new direction! This is the VR Rhythm game we’ve all needed.

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