Amazon&#039s Operating a Lightning Deal on Standing Audio&#039s Awesome CB-1s


Update: Lightning deal is in excess of. Hope you bought just one!

If cost has been the barrier to entry keeping you from improved audio, Amazon’s functioning the greatest deal ever on Standing Audio’s CB-1s, just $63 for the subsequent few hrs, or until marketed out. The final time we posted this deal you acquired them all fairly swiftly.

Standing is a direct-to-consumer headphone enterprise, constructing wonderful cans in tested type things without the need of the markup that comes with well known brand names. In simple fact, there’s no branding below by any means.

The CB-1s are incredibly snug out of the box, much more so (for me) than the ATH-M50X, MDR7506, SR60e, or V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, just to title a few off the prime of my head (ha!).


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