Battlegrounds Participant Gets Preposterous Motorcycle Backflip Destroy, Flips Out


You know those people moments in games wherever you can not even imagine what you just accomplished? This PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds destroy is the epitome of that.

Streamer Jbellizzi uncovered a motorcycle, and he resolved to do what any self-respecting car-proprietor (particularly named Evel Knievel) would do: ramp it about a household. Then he pulled off a single of the a lot more improbable kill combos I have witnessed in my lifetime:

Motorcycle backflip to knee slide double destroy? It’s some fucking Tony Hawk shit. And he by some means survived all of it.

“WHAT THE FUCK,” Jbellizzi yelled incredulously. “What? How? I’m a god. I’m a god!”

His pleasure is so superior and pure that I really don’t even brain the reality that I’m now deaf in a single ear.

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