Chun-Li Player Punishes Bison With 38-Hit Combo


Getting on the obtaining conclude of a very long combo chain is in no way a fantastic emotion, so I can only envision what was likely through Inuchiyo’s head when Goichi “Go1″ Kishida unleashed a flurry of kicks and punches on him.

In this weekend’s Capcom Pro Tour Asia On the web two matches, Kishida was on game 3 versus Inuchiyo’s Bison when he pinned the massive dictator in the corner. Countering Inuchiyo’s try to get out, Kishida juggles him in excess of and in excess of with lightning kicks and jabs.

“This is likely into the replay checklist appropriate below,” states a person commentator. “38-hit combo, that was like the Marvel days, toddler.”


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