Elite Gamers Discover A Huge Derelict Spaceship


As Eurogamer report, the ship seems to be portion of a storyline that was started in an official tie-in novel 3 many years ago, and as a result of some clues has led gamers to a technique in which the megaship Zurara—one of the major ships in the game—is just sitting down there.

What would make this exciting is that unscripted anomalies like this in a activity of this scale are normally exceptional and incredibly rare. Especially so when gamers found that this derelict ship not only has logs that can be scanned, but those logs perform out as audio data files, anything you virtually by no means see (nicely, listen to) in Elite.

There are theories that the discovery isn’t just an isolated incident, and that it’s in reality joined to a rising storyline involving all of the game’s important factions and, maybe, those aliens as nicely.

All of which is a very amazing, gradual-burning take care of for a activity that began as very little more an an interstellar trucking simulator, and has slowly developed into fairly the space experience mystery.


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