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Eneroid&#039s Battery-Recharging Bucket Was The Ideal Issue At CES 2017


Eneroid’s horribly named, horribly video’d, horribly photographed battery charger is magic in follow, like a Mr. Bucket but for batteries.

Drop your rechargeable batteries in the major of the unit (up to 20 at a time), press a button, and wander away. Appear back again to locate them charged in a minor drawer. For AAAs, the two versions of the Eneroid consist of 4 AAA spacers- a little bit additional function, but it is not like AAAs weren’t bothersome to start out with.

The Deluxe design provides a electronic show and (sluggish) USB ports on the back again, which you most likely really don’t want, so stick with the Simple and help save a several bucks.


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