Nite Ize Has The Ties To Bind Almost everything In Your Lifestyle


Just after investing time with Velcro, Above the Fray, Cloop, and Cord Tacos, we’re ready to get tied down with Nite Ize.

Nite Ize’s Equipment Ties had been 1 of the finest things we stumbled across at CES before this 12 months, and have applications far past cable group. Whilst smaller sized solutions in the line are ideal for wrangling your wired headphones or laptop computer charger, Nite Ize’s ties come in massive sufficient measurements to tie up a yoga mat, a tarp, or even maintain things protected on your rooftop automobile rack.

Extra specialised solutions are also accessible, like clippable and loopable variations.

The overall flexibility of Nite Ize’s ties can make them more… adaptable in their takes advantage of, but also just can make them far more fulfilling to use, with no stress or several adhesive remedies to fuss with. They’re not just an aspirational organizational instrument we impulse procured and threw in a drawer, they truly get made use of.


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