No Hands No Problem, Rockynohands is a phenomenal Gamer!

After wandering we’ve been fortunate to find a awesome streamer by the name of RockyNoHands. This streamer is phenomenal due to the fact he plays with no hands. This might be an impossible task for others, but for him its just another day of gaming.

Check out some of his clips above and drop a lovely follow for this fellow! 

Rocky Plays With a QuadStick! 

“Hey my names Rocky. Yes that’s my real name. I am 29 years old. I play video games and watch sports a lot. Been in a wheelchair for 10 years. I play games using my mouth. No one is better at it.Device is called a quad-stick. I only play on Xbox one. I like all types of games from NHL, rocket league, fps, rpg ,to strategy.” – Rocky

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