The Most Fascinating New Activity Announced Now Is A Co-Op Prison Break


A Way Out

EA just introduced A Way Out, a new co-op-only journey video game by the team powering 2013 indie darling Brothers. It’s a break up-screen jail split video game slated for a 2018 release.

Director Josef Fares explained to E3’s audience that he “wanted to play a video game where by the people had exceptional personalities and ambitions.” A Way Out is established in a jail, where by you can play as Vincent, a new inmate, or Leo, a seasoned a single. It can only be performed in co-op, either locally or on the net in a break up-screen format.

Choose a glance at its trailer:

And its gameplay trailer:

A push release for A Way Out reads, “The tale of A Way Out commences in jail with two separate inmates, Leo and Vincent, who really do not know every other. Though their unique stories progress, gamers will have to develop a connection based mostly on rely on as they split equally guys out of jail into the world further than.”

Commencing his profession as a movie director, Fares’s debut in the gaming world was Brothers, an journey video game about two brothers in a fairy tale world. Gizmodo’s Evan Narcisse effused that Brothers was a single of 2013’s greatest video games. He went on to say that the video game produced him “gasp with surprise and produced my upper body restricted with emotion.”


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