The Witcher three Looks Fantastic In Initial-Man or woman


Obtaining experienced above a 12 months to boost it, skacikpl’s initially-man or woman mod for The Witcher three is now a viable and lovely way to shell out your time trotting all over Temeria admiring the sunset.

Head movement and FOV have been polished (with equally being customisable), and the mod now supports fight as well. However with group administration being a massive component of The Witcher 3’s battling, you’ll immediately obtain it is practically extremely hard to use given that you cannot see who’s powering you.

Still, outdoors of killing items this is terrific: playing the sport in initially-man or woman has you admiring the environment a very little extra, and evokes you to acquire your time strolling by means of the streets.


You can obtain the mod listed here. And if you truly want to have some exciting with it, seize skacikpl’s selfie stick although you’re at it:


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