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This $68 Mechanical Keyboard Packs In Entire RGB Backlighting


You’ve most likely read a large amount of fuss about mechanical keyboards recently, and if not, you have at minimum read the clicking coming from a nearby desk. If you’re curious to try out a single you with no dropping a bunch of income, VAVA’s new model is cheaper than ever nowadays.

You will not get model name Cherry MX critical switches at this price tag, but the switches it does involve must carefully mimic Cherry MX Blues, which are the loudest, most tactile switches out there I use them myself. The headlining characteristic listed here nevertheless is the keyboard’s absolutely customizable RGB backlighting, the likes of which we almost never see in a keyboard below $a hundred.

The VAVA has offered concerning $80-$a hundred since it introduced about a thirty day period back, so today’s price tag is an all-time small.

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