Rare Norm Spring/Summer Collection Bundle Giveaway

800 Value

1 Winner

Rare Norm wants to gift one of our fans with our very limited spring summer collection. We are currently Releasing only 250 of each apparel and they are going fast. Yours although will be reserved and ready to be shipped as soon as you win this giveaway.

To enter in this Rare Norm Spring/Summer Collection Bundle Giveaway grab your free entries following a few simple actions after receiving your email.

About Rare Norm
Anomalies From a distant nebula ready to enter your favorite video streams. Rare Norm encourages people to be different and follow their own path because it is okay to be different. Rare Norm serves people who look for guidance to positivity. Content that brings together the vast nebula of creativity and originality helps the world go around. Showcasing what people around the world have offered creates memories that everyone can share.
“Our First Mission was to save people from bad media, then we realized people needed someone to encourage them to follow their dreams and create a vision for themselves” – Aren
  • Winner will be announced on Rare Norm website. Winners have to reply back within 3 days of notification to claim the prize.

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