10 Reasons We Still Love “Parks and Rec.”

We love NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” because the writing is so good and so funny. Greg Daniels created the show after he created “The Office” (U.S.) in the same mockumentary style. The show aired for seven season, and ended in 2015. The show is still one of the most watched series on Netflix.


#1 We love a cast of eccentric characters.

We get to live vicariously through a collection of characters who do little to hold back their true selves.

#2 Speaking of eccentric: Leslie Knope, played by “Saturday Night Live” alum, Amy Poehler.

Leslie is an eternally optimistic, fearless leader to her staff at a Pennsylvania park and recreation department. She also happens to resemble presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

#3 Ron Swanson shops exclusively at a store called Food and Stuff.

Ron Swanson, Leslie’s boss, is a libertarian who sees government as a waste of money. He builds things with his hands and whatever he can’t build, he buys at a store called Food and Stuff. He is also an award winning jazz musician named Duke Silver, but only his assistant, April Ludgate, knows about that.

PR-ron duke

#4 April Ludgate, (Aubrey Plaza,) is true to her dark self.

April Ludgate hangs up on callers, shoos people out of Ron’s office, boo’s ideas from coworkers and seeks to deflate the world’s collective self esteem. April’s lack of people skills and workplace etiquette match Ron’s desire to do away with bureaucratic government all together. That is what makes them such a great team.

#5 Tom Haverford, (Aziz Ansari,) is endlessly scheming up side-business-ventures.

Tom Haverford opened a store called Rent-A-Swag, where he rented his clothes to middle school kids. Tom was part owner of a night club called The Snakehole Lounge. He created a drink called Snake Juice that nearly gave all his coworkers alcohol poisoning. Tom started an event planning company with his best friend. To generate demand, Tom turned away all potential clients, telling them that the company was completely booked. They went out of business. He created a terrible smelling cologne called “Tommy Fresh,” and put his face on the label.
PR-Tom Cologne
Also, Tom is hilarious.

#6 The nerdy chemistry between Leslie and Ben Wyatt, (Adam Scott,) is insane!

Leslie and Ben are not allowed to date because he is Leslie’s superior at the parks department. Ben is the opposite of Leslie, he audits government budgets and and enjoys slashing budgets. He is a hater. The only thing they have in common is their dire passion for government work.

#7 Donna Meagle, (actress Retta,) is a sex-rock-star.

Donna juggles so many boyfriends. After seven seasons she settles down with a former boyfriend played by Keegan-Michael Key, from the series “Key and Peele.”

#8 Andy Samberg as Outside Carl.

Andy Samberg guest-starred in one episode of “Parks and Recreation”, playing Outside Carl. Outside Carl has an outside-voice so he was reassigned from office work to outdoor security. Leslie calls him into city hall when one of her underlings was supposedly mugged.
Outside Carl’s voice echos through the hallways.

#9 Chris Traeger’s, (Rob Lowe,) giant vitamin.

Chris Traeger is in perfect physical condition. He has a resting heart rate of 23, and the scientists who study him say that his heart could pump jet fuel.
“Don’t keep him, too long. I need someone to be here when I take my multi-vitamin. It’s a choking hazard,” Chris tells Leslie. He holds up a vitamin the size of two Baby Bell cheese circles put together.

#10 Andy Dwyer’s (Chris Pratt,) band-names.

Andy plays guitar in a local rock band. His band keeps changing its name. One band, so many names: Mouse Rat, Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants, Malice in Chains… see more of Andy’s band names at http://parksandrecreation.wikia.com/wiki/Andy_Dwyer.

All seasons of Parks and Recreation are on Netflix.

-Rochelle Leahy

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