6 Infamous Memes that should never leave your mind!

Overly Attached Girlfriend is apart of a list of awesome and Infamous Memes we have deemed as some of the original creators. Never forget such greatness!

Her fake fan video for Justin Bieber catapulted her into Internet Pop Culture. Not only is she mostly a normal person, she’s kind of funny.

2. Grumpy Cat

He has always been called “grumpy cat” since his original post to reddit. Now, he is the official “spokescat,” or something ridiculous like that, for Friskies.

3. Overly Manly Man

While the original source of the photo is not certain, he first popped up in pop culture in the fictional “Mulligan’s Steakhouse” poster Parks and Recreation.

4. The Most Interesting Man In The World

We all know the Dos Equis commercials, which make this popular meme rather unique for being inspired by an advertisement. The actor, Jonathan Goldsmith, is fully enjoying the benefits of some great marketing: a boy in a Mexican restaurant once informed Goldsmith that he wanted to be him when he grew up.

5. http://leekspin.com/

Inoue from Bleach spinning a leek with my best attempt at editing the original song: Loituma – Ievan polkka (Ieva’s Polka).

6. Nyan Cat

This adorable rainbow cat gives life to all! but try watching for more than an hour and you will start seeing the darn thing every where you go !

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