A Truckload Of Slime Eels Spilled On to The Highway And It Appeared Like An Real Hellscape

Whether you are a regular commuter or just a Sunday driver, you know that dealing with major site visitors is section of the game. In some cases it is triggered by the standard rush hour, although other moments it is triggered by one thing, well… a small bit additional strange.

When these drivers were generating their way by Oregon, they didn’t believe anything would slow them down. Nonetheless, when a car in advance of them stopped quick, they located by themselves in the stickiest collision of all time.

Can you visualize getting in a car incident and then on the lookout around and realizing that you were lined in eels? Which is exactly what some unlucky drivers knowledgeable not also extensive ago—and here’s why.

Imagine you are driving down a scenic highway, minding your individual company with your eyes dutifully on the road, when one thing insane occurs: forward of you, a truck flips above and sends its cargo all over the place. And that cargo… is slime eels.

Which is exactly what transpired to drivers powering a truck in Oregon just lately. The truck carrying the slime eels crashed on Route one zero one following the driver, fifty nine-calendar year-outdated Salvatore Tragale, failed to brake in time for an unforeseen design detour.


Salvatore was carrying seven,500 pounds of the gooey fish in thirteen distinct containers. When he stopped quick to prevent a potential incident, the containers flew out of the truck, flinging slime eels all over the place. It was quite the slippery scene.

In an effort and hard work to prevent hitting the 1000’s of slimy fish and the containers in which they were getting stored, the car powering Salvatore also stopped quick. This resulted in four other cars and trucks rear-ending each individual other although the eels poured out of the motor vehicle.


You’d under no circumstances know it from the photographs, but there were only really insignificant accidents documented from the incident. Except, of class, you rely the slime eels. Slime eels, also known as hagfish, develop extreme amounts of slime when underneath extraordinary anxiety.


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