Amazing: Long Island teen accepted to eight Ivy League Universities


Congratulations Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna

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All seven Ivy League colleges has approved a Long Island teenager. Augusta, 17 said  “It was my desire to get involved with one of the schools. But to get involved with all seven of these is crazy.”

Nigerian born and raised she struck the Ivy jackpot, approved to Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Yale as well as the University of Pennsylvania. She was also approved to the Massachusetts Institute of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University and New York University.

Augusta said she desires to go to one that is closer and has already noticed a few of the colleges personally.

“I wish to see them all this month,” Augusta said.

Augusta maintained a 101.64 average at Elmont, where she attacked a diverse selection of interests including party activities, technology jobs and volunteer work. She produced a research group in her senior year named  “The Winning Team”.

Augusta discovered that the Ivies had wanted her once her guidance counselor called  her out of tennis training to inform her to check on her programs online using her smartphone.

“I was so happy I started crying,” Augusta said. “I ran around the gym.”

All eight Ivy League schools work separately on the admissions. But there certainly are more of them students at Cape Fear School in Wilmington, Victor Agbafe, New York; Fernando Rojas of California Fullerton and Ronald Nelson of Germantown, Tennessee, were each approved to all eight Ivies in 2015.Victor visited Harvard, Fernando selected Ronald and Yale snubbed the Ivies altogether, rather choosing the University of Al.

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