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50 Breathtaking Locations In Each And Every US State

a couple of days ago

We already know that crossing America from one coast to another is not an expensive prospect, especially if you snatch a deal like this traveler who showed how you can do it for less than $200. However, while you could see quite a lot of scenic routes while on a train, the suggested path doesn’t […]


Even After 2,000 Years, This Roman Bathhouse In Algeria Is Still In Use

a few days ago

Situated among the green pines, cedars and lush oak forests of the Aurès Mountains, lies El Hamma town in the Northern part of Algeria, Khenchela Province. A mild, Mediterranean climate gives way to picturesque sightings of unique natural landscapes. Among them, you can find a rare gem – an ancient Roman bath that has existed […]


I Hand Paint Your Beloved Pets Into Magical Nature Scenes On Mugs

5 days ago

Hi! My name is Polona and I love to paint animals! Two years ago, I started painting pets on mugs and I figured, this is the thing I really want to do! In the beginning, I was painting beautiful landscapes, forests, and meadows with moon and stars. But one day, I lost my beloved squirrel. […]


I Travel The World To Take Photos Of Doors

5 days ago

I have always been fascinated by doors not only because of their meaning in architecture but also of their metaphorical importance in people’s lives. A door is simply more than just a door. You can find in all kinds of cultures sayings, proverbs and quotes about doors. Here are some examples*: Many open a door […]


10 Brilliant Travel Hacks For Traveling With Kids

6 days ago

Whether you’re taking a road trip or venturing to the airport for a flight to the Bahamas, traveling with kids can be overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out some of these brilliant travel hacks to make your vacation fun for everyone. Source: Buzzfeed 1. Press’n Seal Travel Cups Raise your […]

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