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Ten of the Fastest Species of Fish Currently Alive in Our Waters

a few months ago

    Ten of the Fastest Species of Fish Currently Alive in Our Waters How fast would you say a fish could swim? 5, maybe 10MPH? The answer might well surprise you because of these fish on this list go faster than some family cars! While the names on this light might not surprise you, […]

Ten of the Very Best Vacuum Brands for Pet Hair Money Can Buy

a few months ago

Regular vacuum cleaners may not be the best choice for pet owners. The entrenched hairs and dirt need an extra-strong suction to give your home a complete cleanup. Vacuums come in different sizes and types, but whichever one you go for will depend on your needs, the number of pets in your home, type of […]

These Revealing Photos Of Good Dogs Show Their True Inner Selves

a few months ago

Los Angeles lifestyle and dog photographer Alicia Rius has spent her career finding new ways to capture the unique personalities of the animals she photographs. Her new “A Dog’s Life” series does that in a surprising and effective way: By immersing the viewer in the dog’s own world through the lens of objects and possessions […]

12 Helpful Products For People Who Cook For Their Dogs

a few months ago

Promising review (probiotics): “My dog has occasional bouts of digestive issues even though he gets the best of everything. He doesn’t get table food. He is grain-free. It is a mystery, albeit an expensive mystery. The past episodes of mucus-covered stool and diarrhea usually ended up costing a tidy sum at the Vcterinarian. They always […]

How The Internet Is Changing The Way Dogs Find Homes

a few months ago

Interspersed among all the things you’d expect to see in Kaitlyn Garrett’s office — desk, rolling chair, filing cabinet — are a few things that definitely didn’t come from Staples. Like the cellophane bag of salmon-flavored dog treats casually propped up next to the printer. Or the wardrobe rack of neatly hung, miniature clothing: a […]

This Woman’s Service Dog Went Looking For Help — And Was Ignored

a few months ago

Connaughton wrote about it in a Tumblr post as a PSA for others that a lone service dog trying to get your attention could mean the owner is in trouble. “At the time I was so embarrassed that I’d fallen so bad in the first place that I kind of just took him and moved […]

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