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Guy Turns His Cat Into A Total Badass With This 3D Printed Armor


A creative named Jwall from PrintThatThing just made his orange tabby cat Bobo a 3D armor. Now his feline is battle-ready and not afraid of any threats. Oh, and it gets better – Jwall offers his design for free, you just need to print it out. “Now cats all over the world can roam safely,” […]


I Photographed Almost 30 Dogs In 3 Days To Raise Money For Animals In Need

a day ago

I organized a photography event this past March to photograph as many dogs as I could over the course of three days. The dog parents donated their session fee to The Murphy Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Kim Takacs and Aquadale Veterinary Clinic in North Lawrence, Ohio. The foundation raises money solely through […]


24 Ghost Towns Around The World

a couple of days ago

We’ve all seen abandoned cities, towns, and whole countries on TV or silver screens. Be it a horror movie or a post-apocalyptic show, the eerie images of what was once a settlement full of life can feel truly uncanny and give us a chill down the spine. Although, away from our regular hustle and bustle […]


30 Comics That Show What Living With A Cat Is Really Like

a few days ago

Who is better to understand a cat owner than another cat owner? Compared to other pets, felines are quite something and if you just got one, well, you won’t be the one setting boundaries. You’ll be the one obeying your new master. Cody Stone Stowe got a cat a couple of years ago and he […]


This School Dedicated A Yearbook Page To The Parkland Shooting Survivors’ Therapy Dogs

a few days ago

The newest Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s yearbook proudly features 14 adorable, fluffy dogs who happily posed for their pictures. However, they are not ordinary dogs. To cope with the tragic shooting that took place on school grounds on February 14, 2018, the principal, Ty Thompson, hired 14 therapy dogs. One year after the tragedy, […]


60 Cute Dogs At Work

5 days ago

What dogs and humans have in common? They both are smart and full of energy. With just a little bit of training, out four-legged companions can easily learn all sorts of useful tasks that humans do. So why not employ them? As it turns out, some people already did. We here at Rare Norm have […]

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