10 Brilliant Travel Hacks For Traveling With Kids

Whether you’re taking a road trip or venturing to the airport for a flight to the Bahamas, traveling with kids can be overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out some of these brilliant travel hacks to make your vacation fun for everyone.


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1. Press’n Seal Travel Cups

Raise your hand if you DON’T want your child’s apple juice spilled all over your lap! With a little Press’n Seal, you can use any cup you can find and turn it spill proof. Just lay a piece over the top, seal the edge, and poke a hole for the straw!

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2. Sippy Cup “Lasso”

While we’re on the topic of cups, save yourself the trouble of tweaking your back while your turn around to look for lost ones by attaching a “lasso” to your little one’s cup. Loop the other end around a buckle strap and no more cups rolling around! Just be sure it’s long enough to drink out of, but not long enough to pose a strangle hazard or allow the cup to hit the floor.

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3. Coloring Case using a DVD box

Keep colored pencils and crayons in one place and in an easy to carry case by using an old DVD box. Create a pocket using colored paper and you’re good to go!

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