10 Tips For Your Queasy Traveler- Avoid Motion Sickness!

If you are a person who is prone to motion sickness, you know how quickly a fun vacation can turn ugly. There are several instances of my childhood that I still remember quite clearly where motion sickness took the wheel and derailed our road trip for a couple of hours. Nobody likes getting nauseous, whether its on a car, boat or airplane (most of which I have experienced!). It’s even worse if you’ve passed your sensitive stomach to your children, who also tend to get squeamish on long trips. Nobody likes cleaning up vomit and when you have to get back into the car and smell it the rest of your trip it makes it even worse! We’ve come up with a handful of tips to help you and your kids avoid motion sickness and hopefully have some happy trails!


1. Dress Comfortably

If you’re prone to getting sick while traveling, make yourself as comfortable as possible by dressing in loose fitting clothing. There’s no shame in dressing your kids in their PJ’s! Just imagine being strapped in a car seat, possibly rear-facing, wearing tight pants and a shirt. It’s a recipe for disaster! Your kids already feel uncomfortable when nausea sets in, don’t make it worse by dressing them in restrictive clothing.

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