10 Travel Hacks For Stress Free Packing & Traveling

Since it’s summer, chances are you’re going to be traveling over the next few weeks. That means that you have to pack your luggage – the most dreaded part about traveling. Personally, I hate packing my bags. I find it to be unorganized, stressful, and confusing because I never know what to bring! There are so many things that are hard to pack because they’re small, or too big, or oddly shaped, etc. Well, the good news is that we’ve found 10 amazing traveling hacks that will help you pack for your trips this summer (and every trip thereafter!) to keep you organized and stress free. Check them out.


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1. Use A Pill Organizer To Store Jewelry

Packing jewelry can be one of the most frustrating parts of packing because jewelry can be so small that it’s easy for things to get lost and mixed up. To avoid this, place your small jewelry in a pill organizer. This will not only keep it all in one place safely, but it will also keep your jewelry more organized and easier to find instead of digging through a bag.


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2. Roll Your Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

To save on space in your suitcase, roll your clothes instead of folding them. I know this doesn’t seem like it would save a lot of room, but it really does. Also, if you roll them nicely you can avoid getting wrinkles and creases in them like you would if you folded the clothes.

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3.  Put A Piece Of Straw On Dainty Jewelry To Keep From Tangling

A great way to keep necklaces from tangling with each other is to slip a piece of straw onto the chain. This will keep the two pieces of the chain separate from each other and won’t allow it to tangle into a knotted mess. It will also keep the necklace from tangling with other pieces of jewelry as well. You can do this with just about any piece of jewelry that has a chain.

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