12 Helpful Products For People Who Cook For Their Dogs

Promising review (probiotics): “My dog has occasional bouts of digestive issues even though he gets the best of everything. He doesn’t get table food. He is grain-free. It is a mystery, albeit an expensive mystery. The past episodes of mucus-covered stool and diarrhea usually ended up costing a tidy sum at the Vcterinarian. They always had a probiotic called FortiFlora. Frankly, not impressed! It’s pricey and never achieved the results I have gotten from Pet Ultimates. I certainly don’t mind paying if you get results. The Pet Ultimates Probiotic is doing the trick. When my buddy feels good I feel good. The company even checks in with you to see how your pet is doing on their product.” —Pepsi

Promising review (fish oil): “My dog began suffering from very dry skin, flakes, and nothing I had tried helped, including shampoos, sprays and conditioners. I had to change her wet food to the food my vet sells for allergies. Nothing helped. My dog wound up seeing a different doctor when I took her in and that vet recommended I try a fish oil supplement. I was shocked that after about ten or so days her coat had improved so much. I was shocked even more that she loves the taste of this and it has helped when feeding her and using this as a topper/mixer with half a pump.” —Larkhall

Get the probiotics from Amazon for $35.95 and the fish oil from Amazon for $19.95.

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