7 Important Reasons To Travel With Your Kids

Many people delay starting a family because they want to travel. And now that I’ve got kids, I understand that. Taking a vacation with children is really not a vacation at all. You’ve got to pack twice as much stuff, listen to whining and fighting during the journey, and give your kids your undivided attention instead of enjoying a relaxing time lying in a lounge chair. But it’s still really important to travel with your kids.

Childhood is when so many of our perceptions of the world are developed. As parents, we play a pivotal role in establishing those perceptions. Instead of stressing over the challenges involved with family travel, here are 7 reasons to book a ticket on the next flight to anywhere.

travel with your kids

1. Children Will Better Understand The World

Visiting places, near or far, gives our children an idea of how big the world really is. They can look at a map or a globe all day, but actually being in the places they learn about is going to make a bigger impact. If their knowledge of world geography is expanded by traveling, they will be ahead of the game and more prepared to embrace experiences that expose them to other parts of the world.

travel with your kids

2. Children Are Introduced To New Cultures

People who haven’t been to places other than where they were born and/or live often can’t see outside their own bubble. There are so many different ways of life, and the only way to truly understand them is to experience them firsthand. Your children will gain an appreciation for other cultures by taking the time to live the way those other cultures live. Trying new foods, learning a new language and participating in cultural traditions will open your kids’ eyes to the diversity in our world.

travel with your kids

3. You Create Lifelong Memories

I remember most of the trips that my family and I took when I was a child. I remember the sights, the people we met, the way I felt and the things we did. I look back on those times with joy because those are sacred memories. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, your children will remember the bonds and love that were shared by traveling together. And you’ll hold those memories in your heart too.

travel with your kids

4. Children Get To Have New Experiences

There are some things that your children would love to do but can’t because of the lack of resources or availability. If there is a famous landmark that your child wants to see or an adventure that is only offered in a certain location, don’t deny your child that experience. They’ll long for it as long as it doesn’t happen, and they will find immense fulfillment in seeing their desires come to fruition.

travel with your kids

5. You Get To Marvel At God’s Creation

It’s wonderful to enjoy this giant world that God created. Traveling allows you and your children to see parts of the world that you can’t marvel at otherwise. Between the beaches, the mountains, the deserts and the tropics, God’s creativity comes to life when you take the time to explore His work in other places.

travel with your kids

6. You Can Escape Reality For Awhile

The daily responsibilities of motherhood can wear mamas down. Any chance to take a break is worth taking. Children benefit from downtime too, and a vacation is a great way to escape the daily grind. Even if you’re busy every day of your trip, you won’t be thinking about the dirty dishes in the sink, or the poopy underwear you need to clean, or what to make for dinner. You’ll just enjoy spending time with your family.

travel with your kids

7. Children Learn To Appreciate What’s At Home

Getting to see the way other people live, and having to do without the comforts of home can make your children appreciate home even more. There’s a good chance that neither you nor your children will want to go home after an enjoyable trip, but once you get home, you’ll remember just how great you’ve got it- warm beds to sleep in, a roof over your heads and maybe even furry friends who are excited to have you back.


travel with your kids

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