I Flew 25 Hours To Australia Just To See The Cutest Animals In The World – Quokkas

When I first saw a quokka on some random image on the Internet, my husband told me that I resembled them more than anything else. Having once looked at them – it is already impossible to forget them. And we went to Australia. Probably more because of them than anything else, although many animals in Australia are incredibly cute.

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Quokkas live on the islands of Rottnest, Bald, Penguin and some isolated sites in Western Australia where there are no foxes and cats – the only places on Earth where they still live.

On the mainland, the quokkas were eaten by everyone who could eat them – they are small and rather helpless.

We flew for 25 hours to see them and then sailed another 1.5 hours on the ferry.

And it was all worth it. Happier than myself, I have not felt anywhere. Just lying on the sand and offering them a leaf.

You can not touch the quokkas, but when they themselves are pressed against you, your face, you cannot think of anything nicer.

Now that I’m sad or tired – I remember that day and look at the quokkas.

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