I Incorporate My Cats Into Popular Photos And Artwork With MS Paint

There’s a secret (or not so secret) world of cat fans on social media who like to play and create “meowfits” for our cats. It’s a fun and good way to kill time and be creative.

I don’t have Photoshop, so I use the simple standard Paint program that comes with Windows to incorporate my cats, Trooper and Bandit, into popular photos and artwork. I have done about a thousand pictures. I also do them for friends’ pets (cats, doggos, rabbits, etc.) for their Facebook pages.

Enjoy! Please be kind.

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His name is Trooper, so naturally…

Brother & sister from Easy Rider

Bandit is a little fashionista

Bandit is very haughty

Trooper likes his bikes

Trooper as Brando in the Wild One

Troop. James Troop.

When internet trolls were becoming a problem. Oh, we’ll be back.

Pirate Altaïr Trooper Ibn-La’Ahad from Assassins Creed video game

Troop Dean- Rebel Without Claws

Bandit loves gothwear

Trooper loves gothwear

Full torso is difficult but turned out pretty good


Rocky Horror Meowlloween

Meowlloween Cernunnos – Wild God of the Forest

Trooper has branched out into mewsic

CATerwauling – mew’re doin’ it right!

Bandit experiments with music

Trooper – the Disco Days

Bandit has her own baseball team

Trooper pitches and is known for his “Hissy-spit” ball

Bandit’s Chanel knockoffs

Borrowed from 1946 Cecil Beaton’s Photography

I get lots of requests from our Facebook friends

Dior knockoffs

Bandit has her naughty side

Trooper’s just a ham

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