I Photographed The Beauty Of Tromso In 3 Days And 3 Nights

First time I went to Tromso, it was October 2015. I went there to see Northern Lights but the weather wasn’t that great the whole time I was there. I managed to see the Northern Lights after quite some effort but only briefly.

Back then I promised myself that I will come back to Tromso to explore the beauty of the town.

So I and my girlfriend decided to travel again to Tromso for a long weekend. We booked the flight towards the end of tourist season on moonless nights and hoped that unlike last time, weather will be kind to us. We drove around the Island during days to hike and explore and hunted for Aurora in dark nights outside city lights.

Here are some photos of our wonderful journey!

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Last Light

The first day we arrived, we decided to hang out in the city of Tromso, it was a beautiful cloudless day and when the sunset came, it became even more beautiful.


The first night, there were no clouds so we decided to take this opportunity and drive to Skulsfjord.

There we sat in the car next to water sipping hot chocolate waiting for night to get darker. When it got darker, we came outside of the car and we could see a faint light about mountains, later it started to get brighter.

A few moments later, the sky was on fire and us in complete awe.

Sky on fire

The show kept getting better and better. It was getting very cold outside but none of us felt like going back yet. We took more photos here, enjoyed the view for another good hour or so and decided to drive back.

Space Odessy

On the way back, we kept looking out of the car to see if the show gets brighter and guess what? It was getting brighter, so instead of going back, we pulled the car off the road, parked it and walked further.

I’ve seen Auroras before what we saw there, was no ordinary sight. Those colorful circles, Aurora in the background, surrounding snow covered mountains made it look like a scene straight out of some space movie.

Next day, we found that those round blue spots were caused by sound rockets sent by Andoya space center. Nevertheless, an amazing sight and we were lucky enough to witness it!


Next day, we decided to take a road trip through different towns/villages of Tromso. Our first stop was Grøtfjord. A small town with a sandy beach.

Beach of Grøtfjord

Weather wasn’t hot to take a swim but we did take a nice walk on the beach!

Grøtfjord from top

The town like most of the towns in Tromso has only a handful of houses and it is surrounded by beautiful views.

Between Tromvik and Rekvik

We also briefly visited Tromvik and Rekvik and took this photo in between those towns.

A sunset at Ersfjordbotn

On the way back, we saw this amazing sunset and of course, we made a stop to take photos.

A faint Aurora at Vasstrand

We went out again in the night to try our luck with Aurora and we drove as far as Vasstrand but that night, Aurora was not very strong.

We still managed to see a short show and took some photos and drove back home.

A hike to Nattmålsfjellet

Next day was sunny and bright so we decided to hike to Nattmålsfjellet. A small peak that offers amazing views to small villages and Fjord.

View from Nattmålsfjellet

We did a two hours easy hike in the snow and then we were at this viewpoint. From here you could see amazing views in 360 around you!

Another amazing view from Nattmålsfjellet

This place offers views to Fjords all around.

A view on the other side

And if you turn back and see, it offers amazing views of snow.

Sommarøy or Summer Island

After hiking, we drove to Sommarøy (Summer Island), an old fishing village in the western part of Tromsø and is a popular tourist destination due to its white sand beaches and scenery.

And no, it doesn’t get any warmer there than the rest of the Tromso 🙂

Aurora at Fjords

After all the tiring activities during the day, we decided to head out again at night, and we drove to Skulsfjord again and once it was dark, the sky exploded again with Aurora!

The mark on the sky

After spending some time at Skulsfjord, we drove back, but lights got even brighter so we made the stop and took more photos.

And last but not least, a vide of our hikes

It’s a compilation of our activities (hike/drive/walks) in Tromso!

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