I Travel To Create Living Photos

Remember the living paintings in Harry Potter? I was so fascinated by them and always wanted to create something similar. So I started creating cinemagraphs aka living photos. 

Basically, its a combination of a small video with endless loop and a still image. After starting traveling I thought why not create cinemagraphs about my trips and the streets I have visited. 

I always try to capture small, beautiful moments of life which may seem very ordinary and mundane through these cinemagraphs. I try to focus on small moments to make people stop and look at things that they often ignore.

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Street of Jaisalmer, India

Street of Jodhur, India

Street of Kathmandu Nepal

Prayer wheels in a temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

Monkey in a temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

Monkeys in Kathmandu, Nepal

Monkeys in a temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

Street of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jaisalmer’s Street, India

Horse on a sea beach, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Bangladesh

Monkey in Kathmandu, Nepal

Street of Jodhpur, India

Musician in Jaisalmer, India

Musician in Jaisalmer, India

Pigeons in Kathmandu, Nepal

Incense in a temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bells in a shop, Kathmandu, Nepal

Jodhpur’s street, India

Street in Jodhpur, India

Street of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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