I Traveled To Cape Verde And Captured The Everyday Life Of Stray Dogs There

Hi everyone,

My name is Zoltan. I’m a passionate portrait and travel photographer. I do a lot of dog portraits, I love photographing dogs, but when I travel I photograph the landscape and the everyday life of the people. I don’t even take my portrait lenses with me, because you know, you have to save as much room as you can. I usually just take my camera and my 18-35 mm lens.

Recently, we traveled to Sal, Cape Verde with my fiancee Agnes. When we arrived, we were a bit shocked to see the huge number of stray dogs were in Cape Verde. I just knew that I had to photograph them and I thought I made a mistake not to bring my portrait lenses with me, but the funny thing is that in the end, I was happy that I could only use my wide angle lens. I had to get close to them and we had to have a connection and I loved that.

So the images are more like environmental portraits and show you more about how the dogs live. All the dogs were so friendly and so calm. Some of them were very playful, some of them were a little sad. Some of them even had collars on, so I assumed they had owners, but they were still hanging around with the others on the streets or on the beach.

I think locals see them as part of everyday life, they even feed them sometimes and they also get fed by the tourists.

There was one special dog, who stole our heart. We met him on the first day of our holiday and he basically stayed with us for the whole time. He waited for us every morning in front of our accommodation and we spent every day together. We loved him so much we decided to rescue him and we named him Beau. We took him to the vet in Santa Maria and they were so friendly and helpful, we got him microchipped and he got the rabies vaccine.

Well, it’s a long process, but he is with a foster carer and at least we know he is safe. We really miss him and counting down the days till we will bring him home to the UK.

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You have a new customer

People don’t bother him

The breakfast

Beau in the sunrise

Guarding the pier

A good scratch on the beach

Santa Maria Pier

Open air gym at Santa Maria beach

In the shadow of the wheelbarrows

On the corner

Relaxing in the shade

Fun in the sand

The morning sunshine on the streets

The streets of Santa Maria

Street life

Close up

Santa maria Beach

A group meeting


A little boy with his puppy


A young guard


Pedra Lume

Sharks Bay

Praia de Igrejinha

Colombus Beach

Agnes and Beau.

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