Someone Designed A Bathroom To House Giant Spiders And Its An Arachnophobia Nightmare

If the idea of going to the bathroom outside or in an outhouse scares you because of the possibility of spiders than this architectural design is not for you. Posted to the Facebook page Dubai Roaches, courtesy of the Spider Shop was a series of photographs of a bathroom specifically outfitted with wooden fixtures to house whip spiders.

The bathroom captioned with “Such a cool bathroom idea!!!” not only features tree logs for the spiders but the spiders themselves – and people are getting the creepy crawlies just looking at on their screens. Imagine the scene from Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets where Ron and Harry are surrounded by giant spiders, welp it’s just like that but in the comfort of someone’s home.

WARNING:  people with arachnophobia should probably stop scrolling now

Image credits: The Spider Shop

Crawling across the walls in the photo are whip spiders. There are currently more than 150 species of whip spiders, whose scientific name is Amblypygi. The word “amblypygid” means “blunt rump”, a reference to their lack of flagellum or tail. These frightening looking creatures are the relative of spiders and scorpions and unlike their cousins, they do not build webs and have long claws. “They look terrifying, but are actually delicate, timid and afraid of you,” said UCLA biologist Kenneth Chapin, a UCLA doctoral candidate in ecology and evolutionary biology in a report on the species.

Image credits: The Spider Shop

Look familiar? A whip spider made an appearance in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in a scene where a professor is demonstrating the ‘Unforgivable Curses’

Image credits: The Spider Shop

At a total length of 5 to 70 cm ( 2.0 to 27.6 in) in legspan, their smaller flattened abdomens don’t even qualify them as among the top ten largest spiders in the world. They do not possess venomous fangs and can only create a thorn-like puncture injury with their pedipalps, but only if they feel threatened. Unlike with humans whip spiders are aggressive with one another and will fight over their territory. They eat crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers, small lizards and hummingbirds and even will eat members of their own species following a fight between two adults.

Image credits: The Spider Shop

Amblypygids are found on every continent, but particularly in warmer climates, which include in deserts, caves and tree trunks (hence the bathroom wall design). In the U.S., they are found in the Southwest and Florida. Whip spiders have a keen sense of direction and can find their way back to their territory.

Image credits: The Spider Shop

This bathroom may not be for everyone, but just because you don’t have a bathroom dedicated to bugs doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In fact, a multi-home study revealed houses contain a shocking amount of arthropods —the group of animals that includes insects, spiders and crustaceans. In some cases, more than 200 arthropod species were found in a single home.

It’s safe to say that people in the comments were sufficiently creeped out by the design idea


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