This Woman’s Service Dog Went Looking For Help — And Was Ignored

This Woman's Service Dog Went Looking For Help — And Was Ignored

Connaughton wrote about it in a Tumblr post as a PSA for others that a lone service dog trying to get your attention could mean the owner is in trouble.

“At the time I was so embarrassed that I’d fallen so bad in the first place that I kind of just took him and moved on,” she said.

“Afterwards I kind of thought about it, and what if I had had actually been having a seizure?”

That’s what led her to write the post, which now has more than 69,000 notes on Tumblr.

“Don’t get scared, don’t get annoyed, follow the dog! If it had been an emergency situation, I could have vomited and choked, I could have hit my head, I could have had so many things happen to me,” she wrote.

Service dogs for people with epilepsy can be trained to do a variety of different things if someone is having a seizure. Some are trained to bark or alert family members that a seizure is happening, they may lie down next to the person to help prevent injury, or they can be trained to activate a pre-programmed device that issues an alarm.

If you’re not sure what to do if you see someone having a seizure, here are 17 Things Everyone Should Know About Epilepsy.

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