We Show 20 Reasons Why Cows Should Be Petted, Not Farmed

Mahatma Gandhi described cows as “a poem of compassion”. Just like cats and dogs, cows are affectionate, intelligent and enjoy human companionship. Cows are gentle creatures who deserve compassion and respect.

Cows rescued from factory farms are enjoying freedom and compassion in nonprofit sanctuaries where volunteers take care of them.

Nima Sanctuary is the first and only of its kind sanctuary in Romania. Here, cows rescued from slaughter live happily and safely. Nima Sanctuary is raising money to buy a pasture where the cows can frolic in green grass and sunny mountain breeze.

A square meter of pasture costs 3.4 US Dollars or 3 Euros. If you want to help, please share the sanctuary’s fundraiser. Find out more about Nima Sanctuary on their page.

Here are a few images and less known facts about cows!

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Cows love chin scratches

Cows love hugs

…especially hugs from grandpa

Cows love kissing their humans

…and more kisses!!

They even like to give each other kisses

Cows are smart and sometimes they stare down on you and judge

Cows love their babies

Mooom, stop embarrassing me in front of the other kids

Cows form life long friendships with other cows

Cows use different body positions and facial expressions to communicate

For instance, this cow is saying “that chin scratch is a bit weak; please put more effort into it, lady”.

And this cow looks like she is saying “what has been seen cannot be unseen”

Cows remember everything including when their human helps them heal a broken leg

And they reward their humans with a big sloppy kiss

…and more sloppy kisses

Cows grieve deeply

If one of their friends crosses the rainbow bridge, they suffer immensely.

Cows have social hierarchies

It takes a while to become Miss or Mister Popularity among the cow group.

Cows with names give more milk

Happy cows that enjoy their human affection results in larger milk production.

Cow tipping is a myth

Cows are wary of strangers approaching, so it’s nearly impossible to catch a cow in a state of such bliss that she will allow a stranger close enough to touch her.

Contrary to popular belief bulls can’t see red

Cows live up to 20 years, which is 4 times the average life span of cows used in the dairy industry

Cows and calves used in the meat industry live a maximum of several months.

Cows have a national day

Cow Appreciation Day is on Tuesday, July 9, 2019.

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