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Tom Dixon Rock Homeware Info

25 minutes ago

Tom Dixon introduces a new line of playful home goods all made from marble stone. Comprised of candle holders, serving boards, and even a dumbbell weight. The most versatile option is the set of candle holders, as each individual piece can be stacked and combined to make different shaped candle bases. Each carved piece is […]

Lego Launches “Forma” Adult’s Mental Wellbeing Set


Danish toymaker LEGO has revealed a new set aimed at helping adults improve their mental wellbeing. Titled “Forma,” the set uses LEGO pieces to create the skeleton of a fish, which is then finished customizable skins. The idea behind the project comes from the view that combining organic forms and mechanical work could help reduce stress and […]

fragment design x Baccarat Crystal [email protected]


fragment design is no stranger to opulent collaborations, having teamed up with luxury labels like Louis Vuitton as recently as last year. This new collaboration may be one of the brand’s most adventurous, however, as the Japanese creative agency teams with French luxury imprint Baccarat, recognized for its exquisite, hand-blown crystalware. The fruit of the […]

Medicom Toy [email protected] Andy Warhol & Keith Haring

a day ago

Medicom Toy will release exclusive [email protected] vinyl figures at the forthcoming DesignerCon fair this weekend. The toy stalwart will offer two all-over print figures wrapped in Keith Haring’s signature motifs (100%, 400%, and 1000% sizes) alongside a VCD version of the artist. The fourth rendition sees an all-black Andy Warhol iteration in %100 that will […]

jeffstaple Talks Sophia Chang & THE BRILLIANCE!

a day ago

Along with the exclusive events and releases at HYPEFEST, one of the major draws was an opportunity to join roundtable conversations between some of the industry’s major players. For this session of HYPETALKS, illustrator Sophia Chang and THE BRILLIANCE! founders Benjamin Edgar and Chuck Anderson sat down with moderator jeffstaple for a discussion centering around […]

Whats Inside Luxury Doomsday Bunker Tour

a day ago

In the latest episode of ‘What’s Inside‘ Lincoln and Dan take us on a tour inside one of the more expensive doomsday bunkers offered in the United States. Built around a decommissioned missile silo, the entire bunker runs 190 feet underground and contains luxurious amenities such as a rock-climbing wall, swimming pool, shooting range, movie […]

“Young Thug As Paintings” Coming to Art Basel

a couple of days ago

Artist Hajar Benjida’s “Young Thug As Paintings” Instagram account was originally launched in 2016 as a school project; now, it’s officially an art exhibit. As multiple outlets note, SCOPE Miami Beach will host the Young Thug As Paintings exhibit as part of its installation for Miami’s annual Art Basel event. Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life/YSL […]

Space House in South Korea

a couple of days ago

Brutalist architecture is here to stay and the latest development to hop on the trend is the Space House in South Korea. Completely clad with concrete material, the cube-shaped residential home boasts a sizable 13.4 x 13.4 square meters. To encourage homeowners to interact with nature, HBA architects created a cross-shaped empty space in the […]

Jeff Koons Found Guilty of Plagiarizing 1980s Ad

a few days ago

After four years of court battles, a French judge has decided that Jeff Koons is guilty of copying the work of a Parisian artist’s ad campaign from the 1980s. Koons was accused of stealing ad executive Franck Davidovici’s artwork called, Fait d’Hiver, which he transformed into a sculpture of the same name. The 1985 advertisement was […]

Matt Gondek “Growing Paints” Avenue des Arts

a few days ago

LA-based artist Matt Gondek will soon launch a solo exhibition at the Avenue des Arts gallery in Hong Kong. Entitled “Growing Pains,” the show will see a new range of paintings and sculptures portraying Gondek’s dissected and twisted versions of popular cartoons including Astro Boy, Homer Simpson, Pinnochio, and more. The title of the show […]

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