$35,000 USD Scissors By Sasuke Japan Blacksmith

$35,000 USD Scissors By Sasuke Japan Blacksmith

When discussing Japanese craft, most people will think of umami-enriched food, ukiyo-e woodblock prints or perhaps tea ceremonies. Great Big Story shines a light on an oft-neglected area of Japanese handiwork: scissors.
Yasuhiro Hirakawa is the last artisan of his kind. The blacksmith’s hand-crafted scissors, sold under his brand Sasuke, require a week of 10-hour-days to create, with ancient techniques informing the precise designs. Weighing in anywhere from $1,100 USD to $35,000 USD, the cutlery is certainly not for the faint of heart, but they fulfill the exacting needs of specialists like Masakazu Yoshikawa. Yoshikawa is a bonsai craftsman who requires extremely fine blades to avoid harming the delicate trees, and Sasuke’s pricey hardware is as good as it gets.
Watch the brief clip in full above.
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