A Look Inside Katharina Grosse’s “Prototypes of Imagination” Exhibit

A Look Inside Katharina Grosse's

Known for her brightly-colored and site specific works, German artist Katharina Grosse has taken over one of Gagosian‘s London locations for her new “Prototypes of Imagination” exhibition. The central focus of the exhibition is a large painting on loose cloth, which is inspired by the specific architectural location and hangs in the gallery’s opening space, dominating the first view of the exhibition.

Other work features in the exhibition include works on stretched canvas — made using Grosse’s signature spray gun technique — which contrast bright colors with white spaces created using stencils, folds and other tools. Take a look around the exhibition in the gallery above, with “Prototypes of Imagination” set to run until July 27.

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6–24 Britannia Street

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