A Reflective Thursday

A Reflective Thursday

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Do we all really know what it truly means to appreciate things in our lives? Most of us have a routine we like to keep for ourselves and some go on with their day and allow things to just flow naturally. Either way, do we really see what is in front of us? Do we appreciate what we are able to access, be provided with, or even have the chance to experience? Life is filled with different types of sceneries and it is up to us to really choose what we want to look at, show attention too, and also eliminate. Appreciation is a form of being thankful for what is around us. I know sometimes we haven’t gotten ourselves to focus and make a connection with what we may look at. Whether it is a job, a friend, a community center, family, etc.; we have to know those are different types of sceneries we look at on either a day-to-day basis or just have apart of our life in general. Do we really show gratitude towards the special people we have? Do we show it by our words? Or even actions? Showing appreciation towards what we have in our lives releases a positive energy that can go a long way of showing others that we are appreciative for anything that has made us grow as well as helped us become better versions of ourselves. Even if the experience wasn’t what we expected whether we got hurt by someone, or maybe lost a job; etc.; We have to know we can always turn pain into a gainful life story where we develop and grow as individuals obtaining more experience and knowledge. That is why being appreciative no matter what is important in our every day lives.

The video provided is an inspirational clip of Steve Job showing appreciation through his difficulty of getting fired and how he turned that pain into a gainful life-story.                                                                                                           –apoetswish

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