Acne Studios’ Scarves Transformed into Homewares

Acne Studios' Scarves Transformed into Homewares

Swedish imprint Acne Studios has issued a selection of special home goods inspired by its own scarves, utilizing the bold imagery as the base for a series of pillows, mugs and a blanket.
The label’s signature Italian-made creations are known by their recognizable patterns — the Canada is solid-toned, the Kelow sports a dip-dye treatment and the Cassiar sports various checked patterns. These inform each of the items, with mismatched patterns and washes emblazoned across the cushions and oversized blanket for maximum contrast. Meanwhile, the handmade mugs sport painted colors influenced by the accessories, yielding vivid stripes across each unique item.
Head to Acne Studios’ website to pick up a piece from the limited edition release.
Elsewhere, the brand issued the third of its “Face Motif” collections.

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