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Sean_Charmatz Artistic Creations Are Absolutely Adorable And Fun!

last year

We have been lucky to land upon Sean-Charmatz Instagram page this past week. To our pleasant surprise all his videos are short but super sweet. You’ll end up bingeing for hours through his feeds on youtube and Instagram. The crazy part about his art is that is so simplistic. He brings inanimate objects to life […]

Stefan Oz Teaches Us about the Art Of Buugeng

a couple of years ago

Wait! Before you read this download our APP and read all our awesome articles on the go! IOS Download: Android Download: What made you start buugeng training ? I just started for fun with classic toss juggling. Then I was totally excited by the results I got after some days of training/playing around. When I saw […]

PSYBRY.NET has some of the coolest art you’ll lay your eyes on !

a couple of years ago

PSYBRY.NET has some of the coolest images to hit the web! We were fortunate to land on this creatives website due to a video going up via Buzzfeed on a guy that took drugs for 20 days and drew about what went on in his mind. The images that came out of the process were […]

1941 Lego World War

a couple of years ago

A YouTube creator by the name of Brick Dictator takes the time out of his day to create awesome Lego inspired wars. These series of videos are action packed , fun to watch and quite entertaining when you have nothing else to do. The video below is one of his newest videos called Battle of […]

Amazing: Abstract Aerial of New York City Film

a couple of years ago

We humans we create, we work, we stay busy from birth to death and never rest. We build, aim higher, work harder, accomplish more, and to what end? “Balance” takes an abstract look at our modern world, the full and the empty spaces and time in which we live and choose to make our lives. […]

X-Phase From NJ Remix’s 20-year-old “Woo Hah” by Busta Rhymes

a couple of years ago

A remix to Busta Rhymes’ “Woo Hah”  By X-Phaze is visually pleasing and a great tribute to one of the greatest! Check it out below and Happy 20th anniversary ! Woo Hah!  20 year anniversary of when the original track was released back in 1996. YouTube.com/XPhazeTV SoundCloud.com/XPhaze Instagram.com/XPhaze Twitter.com/X_Phaze Facebook.com/XPhaze

Patrick Michel Drops Another Dope Track

a couple of years ago

“Everybody’s a product of their environment. Where i’m from, its survival of the fittest. Shits crazy out here.. Jungle.” – Patrick Michel https://soundcloud.com/patrickmichel/jungle

Kimbo Henry Is Amongst The Top Artist From Boston

a couple of years ago

You’ve been kidnapped. You can call on the characters from from one television show to make a rescue attempt. Which show do you pick ?  I’d call on the Z Fighters from Dragon Ball Z. I feel like it’s pretty obvious why if you’ve ever actually seen the show haha. Download our APP for on […]

Have you ever scene drone art?

a couple of years ago

“CHROMATICITY” /ˌkrəʊməˈtɪsɪtɪ/ – the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength and its purity. “An ethereal flight over the ocean as mysterious colored smoke leaves its mark across the sky. A beautiful choreography between four drones simultaneously in flight and hundreds of smoke grenades.”

Song Of The Day: “Konichiwa” By Original​Kadeem

a couple of years ago

Song Of The Day: “Konichiwa” By Original​Kadeem This man got flow for those who don’t know. Original Kadeem Is boston based artist with a ear for dope sounds. He is the truth and we at Rare Norm see a bright future from this dude! Check out his song below and follow him on sound cloud! […]

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