trueminimalist A Modern Day Picasso



1. When did you start drawing and why?

 I started drawing at a young age like 6 years old. When my grandparents babysit me I would draw with my grandfather. Cutting out dinosaurs and playing with cut-outs like toys.

2. What made you lean toward your style of art?

The style I wanted to try was Minimalism but on a cool cultural trip like music and hip hop plus fashion influences of today.

3. If you were going to get paid for drawing one person who would you want it to be ?

Kanye West met him in 2005 he inspired me. 12357920_958524567575389_286110602_a

4. What made you think that your style was going to be successful?

The feedback was so crazy on instagram and Travis Scott,  Drake,  Ty Dolla Sign, Future, The Game and other celebrities started putting my art on their page says a lot .Screen-Shot-2015-11-15-at-11.38.20-AM trueminimalist

5. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years ?

Art illustration,  having my own clothing line , having my art in major art galleries around the world.

6. What is the origin of your name ?

Daren is an African name means born at night.

7. You have any big projects dropping soon ?

Yes an upcoming clothing line , art illustration project based on the life of Kanye West. I also been painting abstractions for maybe to persue art galleries for next art basel in Miami.

They can find my art on google , Daren Chambers, on instagram True Minimalist, Facebook, The Contemporary art of Daren Chambers/trueminimalist 

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