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By dfong108

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You know those times when you felt the world was ending? Remember that one moment you were convinced was your last — or that time you were absolutely one hundred percent certain that you had just experienced what would go down as THE worst moment of your life? Well let’s give a big shout out to those times — good times. No better yet, GREAT times. I won’t even bother asking if you’ve ever felt that way at any given point of time in your life because chances are you have! Those feelings come with the territory — that along with the need for water and oxygen and all the other fun stuff that are part of being human.

Anyways, where were we? Oh yeah, that’s right! My point is that despite whatever misfortune or traumatic atrocity of an event which caused your life to flash before your eyes; despite whatever heart-stopping, gut wrenching, pulse pounding dilemma that made you rescind that little itty bitty tiny stash of happy thoughts in the back of your mind (which, let’s admit you so desperately depend on); and despite whatever mind boggling conundrum that made you reconsider your entire existence, here you are…still alive…on this planet…reading this blog.

The truth is that we are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. As we go about our misguided unpredictable lives, we encounter obstacles — and those obstacles often come in the form of living breathing synchronized cell clusters with at least somewhat of an ability to perform high level cognitive processes. Yes that’s right, HUMANS. They are a HUGE challenge. Other people get in the way of, well…life! I mean think about it. Think about any given problem that you’re currently experiencing. Chances are that there is an actual living breathing homo-sapien who is to blame for it — we won’t mention any names outside of our super intense vent sessions but you get the point. And since we’re pointing fingers, I’m also willing to bet my bottom dollar that you’re at the receiving end of the blame for somebody else’s problem(s). The fact of the matter is that most of the time, we really ought to be pointing at a mirror. My point is that humans, apparently the most advanced species on this side of the galaxy, are the main threat to human advancement and therefore, ultimately, human existence. Yet here you are!

You go through so much — We go through so much. It’s true! We go through so much that most of it doesn’t even phase us anymore; as a matter of fact, it’s come to be expected. We expect our fellow motorists to cut us off on the morning scramble to work. We expect to get that lovely back-sass from the people who we have the displeasure of being around constantly; and for what would seem to be the most simplistic of things. We expect to be on the receiving end of a fresh batch of dog manure on a daily basis! — that is metaphorically of course! But I digress.

My point is that all of our lives we’ve been programed. We’ve been processed and conditioned and treated and retested; and it’s all for one purpose — to endure. We’ve been beaten and battered, shaken and at least somewhat shattered; and we’ve survived thus far! Yet we cower at the first sign of trouble like tethered sheep awaiting slaughter. We forget the gauntlet from which we came — the one from which we’re made.

So yes, the rumors are true: sometimes, LIFE SUCKS — a lot. And let me be the one to tell you that Karma is in fact a female dog with a slight vision impairment which inhibits her targeting precision — it happens. Life happens. Oh and yes, you will get tossed around, beaten down, bullied and such. Life will chew you up and spit you out like a dried up thigh bone on a Thanksgiving dinner plate. But the next time you find yourself in such a predicament, just remember that you’ve been there before. Remember that you’re tougher than you know. The walls that you’ve been running through may seem different; and they may in fact be different; but in the end, it’s still the same old familiar box. Remember that the next time when you are down and the odds appear to be stacked against you. Remember it when living seems like more of a chore than a privilege. Learn to embrace the storms and remember it on the cloudiest of days. Remember this even though the storm cells may be forming today — because tomorrow you will push harder, you will think smarter, and you will smile wider. Tomorrow will be better because you will be better. We will keep striving and reap the fruits of our efforts; and if they’re hung too high then we’ll grab that tree and shake ’em loose because we’ve earned every last one of them. No matter what life may throw at us today, we’ll face it head on knowing that we’ll make it to tomorrow because after all, we are unbreakable.

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