Arsham/Fieg Gallery Spotlights Artist Mark Whalen for Upcoming Exhibit

Australian artist Mark Whalen is the next leading creative to take over the Arsham/Fieg Gallery space inside KITH“s New York City flagship store. Whalen is widely-recognized for his surrealist yet minimalist paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works that are packed with pastel tones. For the upcoming showcase titled “Grab Bag,” the artist has created a selection of miniature sculptures depicting human-like faces clashing with everyday objects.

“Lately I have been forming new relationships with my work,” said Whalen. “In this new series of 3D sculptures, I am manipulating the idea of the traditional totem and creating these playful compositions where I have been taking iconic everyday objects, interacting familiar shapes, ambiguous figures and celebrating them through a series of problem-solving constructions.”

View select artworks above and expect “Grab Bag” to launch on May 28. For more art news, take a look at Lucien Smith’s “FRIENDS” exhibit at Virgil Abloh’s EM PTY GALLERY.

337 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012

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