AZULIK uh may Arts Complex in Mexican Jungle

AZULIK uh may Arts Complex in Mexican Jungle

A massive new development dedicated to diverse creatives has just been completed at the core of the Yucatan peninsula. Entitled AZULIK uh may, the arts complex features sprawling natural forms, floating bridges, and snake-like paths. The highlight of the establishment is a 16-meter-high bejuco dome made of concrete that resembles a flower. Altogether, the venue boasts unique spaces devoted to the creation of artworks, fashion, design labs, recording studios, medical and healing facilities as well as an arts-and-crafts school called Enchanting Transformation for neighboring Mayan communities.
“We aim to create a community of world leaders, influential minds, celebrities, visionaries, scientists and philanthropists,” said founder and social entrepreneur, Eduardo Neira in a statement. “This unique integration of ancestral knowledge, technological innovation, applied sustainability, practiced spirituality and collective experiences will culminate in new ways of learning, creating and healing, thus propelling human evolution.”
An opening ceremony is slated for November 30 coupled with a charity auction to raise funds for Enchanting Transformation. Learn more about AZULIK uh may and its future programs at the project’s official website. Elsewhere in design, see how The Parallel House fits in perfectly with its hillside surrounding in Greece.

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