Azuma Makoto “Undersurface Flowers” Photo Series

Azuma Makoto

Japanese flower artist Azuma Makoto presents a new series titled “Undersurface Flowers” that juxtaposes perfect blossoms with their wild roots often hidden from sight. The photo compositions create striking visual contrasts of nature’s pristine beauty and its untamed underbelly.
“Undersurface Flowers” continues Azuma Makoto’s genre of “botanical sculpture,” whose previous projects include an “Iced Flowers” exhibition and a photo series that sent bouquets into outer space. Makoto also designed Rihanna’s flower crown for her British Vogue September issue cover story, styled by Edward Enninful.
Check out Azuma Makoto’s “Undersurface Flowers” above and for more impactful imagery, Johnny Miller’s drone photography shows the stark inequality around the world.

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