BAAN RORB by Integrated Field in Thailand

BAAN RORB by Integrated Field in Thailand

The latest home to catch our attention is the Baan Rorb, which translates to ‘around/surround/cycle/round house.’ The space was created for retiring parents and two other family members, with the brief being that the home be simple, serene and based around the garden in the middle of the property.
The space is almost 3,200 sq.m, but there were still restraints as to where the buildings could be set in a way that provided maximum privacy for the family members. Because of these restraints, the house itself only takes 897 sq.m of the total property, which is mostly used by the large courtyard. The shared rooms include the Chinese spirit house, ancestor room as well as living and dining space on the ground floor. Take a look through the gallery above to see the space for yourselves.
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